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taylor continued

"A thought passes through her mind — Desire is a strange attractor. You longing warps the arc of the world’s emergent truth — as she darkens the bubble for Nader, slips the ballot into the slot, exits the booth, and walks off to have her day.”

Which involves meeting a guy for pizza and picking up the new Radiohead album. It’s interesting that the clearest parts of this book are the introduction and the conclusion, both of which take place outside of the anarchists’ collective house, and both of which are single-narrator solitary-character things; the opening is a solitary masturbatory deadended dropout’s story, and this is a girl slipping into normalcy, on a November Tuesday, twenty years old and in college in central Florida. Here the details are clear, and they shape the progression the girl is setting out on: not a complete selling-out, but stepping away from the total commitment of the other characters.

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