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abbott continued

"He wasn’t worried about Peggy Spangler. She was a detour. Another girl with something hard and metal knocking around in her chest, a can of thumbtacks, a rusty alarm clock. Another blank face with dollar signs for eyes.

“Fuck, Hop, can the purple prose.”

And as things move along, so does Abbott’s diction, keeping time with the downward spiral her characters get trapped in.

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megan abbott, the song is you

"This wasn’t all true, but it was true enough. Maybe. Hop couldn’t untangle his motives. There was something about covering his own tracks — tracks he thought he’d long ago covered. And sure, there was something else."

Abbott puts her protagonist in a nice situation here: simultaneously covering up a bad thing that’s happened (or, rather, protecting the cover-up he’s already done) while trying to find out what actually led to said bad thing that happened. It’s a neat double-bind. And the language she uses is nice, too, and fitting for that protagonist as a Hollywood flack; it’s a lighter, flashier version of Mickey Spillane hard-boiled, all sparkle and no weight behind it. 

Simon & Schuster 02.19.08

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